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Environmental monitoring and air quality assessment in the Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum



The Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum and NILU - the Norwegian Institute for Air Research will evaluate the air quality in the museum as part of a project funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (EEA-Grants - Norway Grants).

Air pollution constitutes a risk to materials and in particular to cultural heritage objects and artworks. Some of the documented adverse effects include the fading of paintings, blackening of surfaces, corrosion of metals, softening of details, decomposition and yellowing of paper, among other problems. The valuable objects in the Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum constitute a wide representation of the modern Lithuanian history. However, degradation is observed on several objects both in exhibition and storage, indicating that their preservation may be at risk. Degradation mechanisms can be symptomatic of an unacceptable environment with regard to climate parameters, such as temperature and relative humidity, or pollutant concentration. The museum, located in the Radvilai Palace, is situated in Vilnius' Old Town characterized by very intense traffic which may induce high infiltration of aggressive pollutants into the museum building.

The main goal of the project is to perform a characterization of the indoor air pollution in the Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum. In order to achieve this goal, different locations in the storage area and exhibition rooms have been selected for the measurements. The project will focus on the assessment of indoor air quality by dosimetry, the determination of harmful pollutant concentrations both outdoor and indoor generated (i.e. NO2 and organic acids), particle deposition and microbiological characterization. The results from these measurements on the museum objects will be compiled and analyzed in order to characterize the indoor environment concerning the preservation and potential degradation of cultural heritage objects in storage and / or exhibition. Finally, the methodology and final results will be presented in a Seminar which will take place at the Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum.


For further information, please contact:
Rima Grasiene - Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum,
Susana Lopez-Aparicio - NILU - Norwegian Institute for Air Research,

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