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The exhibits collected in the Theatre Section: pictures, letters, placards, minutes, manuscripts, publications and other different material about the theatre, make the greatest part of the Museum collections till now. In the collections of actresses Ona Rymaitė and Unė Babickaitė, their toggery, furniture, personal items, and pictures are displayed next to other exhibits. The Theatre section is proud of one of the oldest exhibit of the Museum which is a panegyric of Vilnius School Theatre of 1687, "Algirdas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania". There are valuable personal collections of Borisas Dauguvietis, Juozas Vaičkus, Antanas Sutkus, Andrius Oleka-Žilinskas, Laimonas Noreika, Dalia Tamulevičiūtė, Audris Chadaravičius, and archive material of Lithuanian theatres of different periods.
A valuable and rich collection of 1811-1898 of Vilnius Public Theatre posters reflects a different repertoire of the Theatre, cultural life of Vilnius of this time and multiple intercultural links. An exhibition and an international conference were organized in the Graph Umiastowski Palace (Trakų g. 2, Vilnius) in 2008, "Posters of Vilnius City in the 19th century - a Mirror of Vilnius Cultural Life".

In the funds of the Theatre Section, there is an interesting and colorful puppet collection from different puppet theatres kept. The oldest and the most valuable puppets are those of Stasys Ušinskas. These are the puppets of the collections of the first professional Lithuanian puppet play (Antanas Gustaitis "Silvestras Dūdelė", 1936) and the first Lithuanian puppet film ("Storulio sapnas", 1938). The collections of Kaunas State Puppet Theatre and Vilnius "Lėlės" Theatre are also rich. Their authors are outstanding artists Vitalijus Mazūras, Jūratė Račinskaitė, Rimas Driežis, and others. In the depository of the Museum, there are puppets of a political "Šėpos" Theatre that played their main roles during the events of 1988-1992, kept. Moreover, the Museum also preserves puppets of Vega Vaičiūnaitė Theatre "Miraklis", Klaipėda University Puppet Theatre "Ku-kū" (manager Jūratė Januškevičiūtė) , and other theatres.
In 2001, a theatrologist Vytautas Maknys made the Museum a present with his archive. It is one of the most famous and informative personal funds in the Museum. The theatrologist was renewing the archive that was started to be accumulated even in 1928, his entire life. Tens of thousands archive units were collected about the theatrical activity in Lithuania since establishment of Jesuit School Theatre in 16th century to the year of 2003. The archival theatric activity of V. Maknys is presented as a cultural phenomenon closely related to the economical, political, and cultural situation. Therefore, alongside with the theatrical facts, the data accumulated in the archive, widely reflects different spheres: art, regional studies, language studies, politics, economics, etc. Alongside the archive, the V. Maknys funds also include a library (over 5000 volumes of Lituanistic, dramatic literature, and a collection of sheet music) and memorial belongings.

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