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The most significant and greatest part of the showpieces of the Art Section consists of the creative and biographical material of the 19th century Lithuanian theatre and cinema artists. There are design of scenography and costumes, technical drawings, layouts of scenography, toggery, property, design of animation films and paintings. The works of the first scenograpghists of the professional theatre, Vladas Didžiokas, Adomas Galdikas, Adomas Varnas, Vladimiras Dubeneckis, Olga Dubeneckienė-Kalpokienė, and other scenographists of the past and present times, are stored there. Among them, there is more than one thousand designs of the artist Mstislavas Dobužinskis; it is the most valuable collection of the scenographic works of the Museum, and the biggest collection of art pieces of this artist in Lithuania that was included in the register of UNESCO program "Memory of the World". A special place among showpieces of the Art Section is designated for the collections of scenery and design of costumes of innovators of the theatre art, Liudas Truikys and Stasys Ušinskas, which reflect distinctive, original development of artistic trends, the way of individual artistic expression means, and up rise of original conceptions of the art of scenography.

A collection of portraits and ex-libris of outstanding artists is accumulated there in the funds of this section. Also, a valuable collection of memorial items of outstanding theatre, music and cinema personas, Borisas Dauguvietis, Romualdas Juknevičius, Ona Rymaitė, Konstantinas Glinskis, Juozas Naujalis, and others, is stored there; it consists of various personal belongings and pieces of art. The most interesting and richest collection of the theatre and cinema actress, director, and collector, Unė Babickaitė-Graičiūnienė, which contains art pieces of professional artists and craftsman, personal items, textile, metal, wood articles, and other, speak of diversity of interests of this personality.

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